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ZN051-Abrites Distribution Box

Artikelnummer: ZN051

ZN051-Abrites Distribution Box

Kategorie: Geräte

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ZN051-Abrites Distribution Box The ZN051 allows us to connect it clean between the AVDI and the OBD without having a bundle of cables hanging from the OBD while we are working and adding confusion and additional time to trace what is connected where instead of spending more time to work on the car. In addition the fuse relay is now built into the Abrites Distribution Box and its work can also be monitored by the built-in LED. Using the ZN051 we also open the door for many new features. It allows us to work easily with boot mode on EDC17/ MED17 boot mode for the Abrites diagnostics for VAG and others as well. The distribution box now also includes the option to be updated so all new future functions and features will be available immediately. In short our ZN041 evolved in a new neater and more convenient solution the features of which will expand beyond just the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes. You need to have active AMS to use the set.

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